2021 Tent Market & Purchasing Guide [Infographic]

Using the data behind our tent selection tool, we’ve put together a guide to what type of tent to buy, where to buy your first tent, and what to consider when buying a tent in 2021! We were surprised to see a lower average price for backpacking tents than other types, likely driven by the small capacity of backpacking tents compared to the availability of 12 person car camping models. Additionally, Amazon is the only retailer that carries all types of tents included in the analysis but only provides the best value for instant tents. Most retailers that offer mountain tents do not offer instant tent models and vice-versa.

Additional Data Information:
– Collected in Late November and Early December 2020 through manual crawling of Amazon, Walmart, Target, Bass Pro Shops, REI, & LL Bean
– Tents included in the inventory were limited to those with a rating of 3.5 stars or higher out of 5.0.

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Created by Midwest Camping

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