3 Main Types Of Maintenance Strategies

Every day, maintenance teams are searching for the best possible approach to making the right business decisions. In order to eliminate or limit common and expensive facility problems that can cause even bigger manufacturing failures - making the right maintenance plan is crucial.

But how to make an effective maintenance plan? And how to choose the right maintenance strategy? Don't worry we got you covered. We've created this visual infographic to help you to understand the benefits and weaknesses of each of the three main types of maintenance strategies - reactive, preventive and predictive.

Ultimately, this side by side comparison will help you to decide which of these types of maintenance strategies you really need and can implement in your facility. And remember, there's no right or wrong approach to maintenance. If you've already using one type of maintenance but you haven't got great results - maybe it's time to change your strategy.

Your facility has different assets that require different levels of attention and this visual guide is a good starting point for making the best decision.

Reactive vs Preventive vs Predictive Maintenance

Created by Limble CMMS

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