4 Ways to Strike Back Against 2 Types of Amazon Hijackers

Have you heard of the “Amazon hijackers?” Well then, good for you. If you are aware of it, obviously you have ways to stop them.

Amazon hijackers are an online threat and they are not disappearing at all. However, don’t let them prevent you from starting your Amazon business. In fact, there are lots of ways to face them instead of giving up or sacrificing your online business.

What are the two types of Amazon hijackers?

1. Buy Box thieves
Some of them are foreign counterfeiters and bots that running an algorithm. Some are just Americans that are trying to shaking your business. These guys undercut your price by a thin margin and steal it from you.

2. Leeches
These are pests that have no legitimate business history or feedback. The good thing is you are not powerless in the face of these bots. As a matter of fact, there are ethical hacks you may use to counter them.

Sending a letter - start by inviting them to stop their bad tactics. If they aren't listening, sharpen your tone and send an additional letter from the seller account. Let them know that you have the tools to get their account suspended or you may treat them to take legal actions.

Report these pests to Amazon - you can alert the Amazon Central Seller and report their violation. You may get results in a matter of hours if using this tactic. This can easily pull down leeches but no guarantee to take down counterfeiters that have gone to great lengths to look them legitimate.

Become a customer - purchase an item to counterfeiters, take some photo of the item proving that it is fake.  Contact the Amazon, ask for a refund and prove a counterfeit claim against the seller. After that, contact the seller performance using the detail information of your order. You may hear or see feedback after a couple of days.

Use Brand Registry - if you enrolled with it you can draw on their brand protection program to assist you against counterfeiters.

These are the things that you may use to countermeasures to manage leeches, hijackers and other internet creeps with care. So, are you prepared to protect your business?

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4 Ways to Strike Back Against 2 Types of Amazon Hijackers

4 Ways to Strike Back Against 2 Types of Amazon Hijackers

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