6 of the Most Expensive Hats of the World

From fashionista, businessman, to average people, everyone dons a hat either for fashion purpose or just to cover their heads. The reason why hats are ubiquitous is that they come in different styles addressing almost all dressing sense. Another reason is it comes in an affordable price range thus everyone can wear a hat that fits their taste and their budgets. 

However, not all hats fall into that category simply because they are expensive beyond what an average person can afford. What contributes to its very high price quotient is the design which includes precious metals, stones, and the materials used to make it. Other hats have a long history to tell and are attached to certain people making them very valuable and expensive. Some of these hats were sold for charity at an auction while others are displayed galleries. What kind of hats are these? How expensive could they be? Your questions will be answered by the list of the most expensive hats and their corresponding prices below. 

1. Vivien Westwood Hat is worn by Pharell Williams ($44,100)
2. Princess Beatrice’s Royal Wedding Hat ($130,000)
3. Deep Blue Sea ($200,000)
4. Chapeau d’Amour ($2.7 million)
5. The Papal Tiara Crown ($10 million)

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6 of the Most Expensive Hats of the World

6 of the Most Expensive Hats of the World


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