6 Steps to Build a Successful Offshore App Development Team

App development is a difficult process that involves a lot of technical stuff, communication barrier, cost & deadline issues. To avoid these hassles, most companies prefer outsourcing the app development process to dedicated developers. In this infographic, we will guide you on the 6 steps to build a successful offshore app development team.

Here are some criteria for successfully building up a team of offshore app developers, such as:
1. Advising a proper pre-screening of the company, and gathering critical information about the developers.
2. Check out the possible business models out there, so that, the services on offer can be of value for your money.
3. Interviewing the candidates to understand their skillset, and preparing a list of objectives or questions on which to judge them.
4. Start it with small engagements, and let the offshore team become accustomed to your company and your team.
5. Evaluating the results of those projects of small engagements, and deciding on the next course of action.
6. Use proper tools and communication that allows the offshore team to monitor, share, and create different project ideas for your company.

6 Steps to Build a Successful Offshore App Development Team

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