6 Types of Spare Tires

Some people find spare tires as an accent on their cars. It adds appeal to their car and to its owner. Especially for me who love to look cool, they add spare tires on the back of their car. However, having spare tires are not supposed to accessorize your car because it has a significant function. There are different types of spare tires that you can use. Choose from any of the following spare tires.

1. If you want to use a tire that is of the same size, quality, thread, etc., you can opt for full size matching spare tire. It will not look awkward when installing in your car.

2. On the other hand, if you find it difficult to look for the similar tire, you can also opt for the full-size but non-matching spare tire.

3. Is there an instance when you can’t find a full-size spare tire? If yes, you can choose a compact temporary spare tire. However, this is not recommended for long term use. Hence, it has to be replaced with full-size tires.

4. Another short term solution to your flat tire is the full-size temporary spare tire. It matches the specification of your current tires but it is lightweight and could easily burst out if remained unchanged.

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6 Types of Spare Tires

6 Types of Spare Tires

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