6 Ways to Take Care of Your Car During Fall

Changes in seasons cause different road conditions. Summer season is favourable yet fall and winter pose a different story. Before summer ends, checking on one's car is necessary so that it is ready and is in good condition when winter strikes. However, you might wonder what are the parts you need to check? This infographic will help you the most.

1. Tires should be part of your priority list. Remember that roads will be slippery during winter. Tread and tire pressure are well maintained.

2. During the summer season, you used the air conditioning system often. However, you are not sure whether the heating system is doing just fine. You must check both the cooling and heating system just to ensure that it will perform best in any given season.

3. Braking systems are an important part of the car. On a slippery road, brakes can go wrong and can affect your safety. Have it checked by mechanics in an auto repair shop?

4. Harsh temperature can cause battery malfunctions. Just before too much cold is felt, check for any signs of corrosion.

5.  Lighting systems like your headlights, brake lights, taillights, etc should be checked properly. Winter and fall season cause night to be too dark to see.

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6 Ways to Take Care of Your Car During Fall

6 Ways to Take Care of Your Car During Fall

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