9 Ways to Master Amazon A9 Algorithm

Because of technology, everything can now be found online in just a click away. There are many shoppers who would opt for convenience rather than wasting their time and effort going back and forth in a mall. Because of this cultural shift, Amazon has dominated the e-commerce. If you want to compete in this platform, you have to be seen whenever a potential consumer search through Amazon. To do that, you must have the following factors:

1. Order defect rate can measure your customer retention rate. The higher the retention rate is the more favourable it shall be for your website.

2. When the customer buys the product from you, it signals that your webpage converts a browser to become customers. That is considered by the A9 algorithm of Amazon.

3. Always maintain relevance to product searches. Some businesses try to diversify their product offerings. However, this won’t be useful if it uses the same brand name because people may mistake your product for something else.

4. Positive product reviews attract the attention of a buyer. It shows that the customer was satisfied with your products and services. Get more of it and you will definitely get a good spot in Amazon.

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9 Ways to Master Amazon's A9 Algorithm

9 Ways to Master Amazon's A9 Algorithm

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