Biggest Global Cybersecurity Trends in 2018

The whole world is getting more and more digitized, and this is especially true with businesses, organizations, and industries. Technology has paved the way for better handling and progress on processes, a more unified and organized system for the whole company, and even a more environmentally-conscious industry. But with the proliferation of the usage of technology for almost every aspect of running an organization comes the inevitable danger of cyberattacks. Every year, cyber criminals get more complex, more sophisticated, and more knowledgeable on every possible loophole and weakness they can exploit.

This puts businesses at a tight spot. Billions are spent by CSOs and COs worldwide just to ensure that their organizations’ digital files, systems, and other aspects are kept under maximum protection. Yet, every year, we hear more news of large enterprises falling victim to cybercrimes, showing that even the biggest companies can be vulnerable to cyberattacks, especially if they’ve been to complacent with their cybersecurity.

This year, the cybersecurity landscape is experiencing some noticeable changes, observed by numerous reports and researches into cyber activities of recent years. Learn about the biggest global cybersecurity trends this 2018 and beyond with this infographic by TeleMessage.

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Biggest Global Cybersecurity Trends in 2018

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