Android App Development #infographic

13 Amazing Tools to Develop Android Apps

App development become one of important skill that you need to have to create your personal app or for your company. Here is a list of best tools to develop Android apps that will fasten your App development.Created By Tech UntoldShare This Infographic On Your Site<a href= ><img src= alt=’Android App Development #infographic’ width=’780px’ border=’0′ […]

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biggest Logo Maker myths

5 Biggest Logo Maker Myths That Won’t Die

No matter how much the proponents of DIY logo maker go in to raptures about their numerous benefits, the adversaries of online logo creator have worked day in and day out to spread rumors and myths about their functioning, to deter business owners from using them. Here we set out to bust 5 myths about […]

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  • January 6, 2018
  • Design
Top Tips to Utilise Social Media in Customer Service

Top Tips to Utilize Social Media in Customer Service

Technology has a big influence on our social interaction in this day in age. Promoting good communication rather than just engaging to your customers with mere connection is not seen with the need of our society nowadays. Some appears to believe that with good advertisement and words to our customers is considered engaging connection with […]

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More Than Mean Tweets: Protecting Against Cyberbullying And Cyber Harassment

The rise of social media and “always-on connectivity” has broadened the scope of online harassment. Harassers can be anonymous and reach you 24/7, posting messages and photos that are difficult to erase. Whether in the form of cyberbullying among teens and children, or cyber harassment among adults, online harassment comes in many different forms and […]

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Ultimate How to Guide to 80s Hairstyles #infographic

Ultimate ‘80s — How to Recreate Your Favorite Retro Style

Thinking back to the hair and fashion styles of the 1980s is certainly cringe-worthy. The big hair and bold colors were over the top.But the 1980s don’t need to be an embarrassing part of fashion history. Instead, the decade can be a source of inspiration for edgy, modern styles.Taking the best aspects from the ‘80s, […]

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  • January 2, 2018
  • Beauty

Celebrate National Cyber Security Month with ExpressVPN!

What Is National Cyber Security Awareness Month? Each year ExpressVPN teams up with Stay Safe Online to raise awareness about Internet safety and security. With an increasing number of children now surfing the Web, there’s never been a better time to educate your kids about the ins and outs of online safety. Check out our infographic on Internet […]

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Guide to adulting kitchen

#Adulting: Using your kitchen for more than a bowl of cereal

It’s totally an adulting fail when your fridge only has leftovers, mustard, 9 sticks of butter and some OJ. There’s more to life than ramen noodles. Cooking your own meals saves you cash and saves the gym-time needed to keep off the pounds from high-calorie take-out meals.Created By ForRentShare This Infographic On Your Site<a href= […]

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guide to adulting repairs

#Adulting: Who to Call When Something Breaks

As a renter, you’ll be glad to know that the property manager is responsible for many apartment repairs. In fact, it’s typical for them to budget 1.5% of the property’s total value for repairs, so don’t hesitate to ask for repairs when you need it.Created By ForRentShare This Infographic On Your Site<a href= ><img src= […]

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Digital Marketing Certifications you can get in 2017

9 Digital Marketing Certifications You Can Get in 2017

For the past few years, Digital Marketing has evolved into a powerful marketing strategy. Unlike traditional marketing, its digital counterpart does not require much of an investment and will get amazing results. Nowadays, companies across the world are hiring digital marketing professionals after realising its huge potential. If you are so much interested in digital marketing, […]

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Senior Discount Guides #infographic

Senior Discount Guides: Where to Save Money at 50+ to 65+

Being older does have benefits. To help you save cash, offers these lists of senior discounts, updated for 2017. You’ll find discounts for restaurants, grocery stores and drugstores, movie theaters, hotels, and more. And, new for 2017, we’ve added senior discounts at department stores and other shops. Check out the infographic for more information!Created […]

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Coffee Pods Storage

Creative Ways To Store Your Coffee Pods

Using pods to brew your perfect cup every day is awesome. But, with all the different varieties and options you have, there comes a problem of How to store all those coffee pods?Luckily we’ve created this amazing infographic to help you solve your coffee pods’ storage problems.Created By Gimoka Coffee UK Share This Infographic On Your […]

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Beating busy

Beating Busy: How to thrive in a world of too much

Are you busier than a Mad Hatter on a particularly busy day? If you’d like to take control of your career – and your life – then look no further. It isn’t easy to make room for the important things in life – the people we love, fun, creativity and ourselves. This book shows you how, with […]

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The Fountain Pen #infographic

Best Pen Innovation: The Fountain Pen #Infographic

The fountain pen is perhaps one of the most important, and riveting inventions of the entirety of the world. What makes it so special? For starters a fountain pen gave the convenience and portability to portray ideas, words, and thoughts, in powerful written word. An often overlooked aspect of what gives writing personality however is […]

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funeral plans infographic

Why do people buy funeral plans?

Our infographic highlights the reasons why people buy funeral plans as well as providing other useful facts and figures that may help you make an informed decision when buying a funeral plan.Created By Over50ChoicesShare This Infographic On Your Site<a href= ><img src= alt=’Funeral Plans #infographic’ width=’780px’ border=’0′ /></p> <p>Created By <a href=””>Over 50 Choices</a> for […]

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Knives Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: 7 Knives For The Sharpest People On Your List

The knife enthusiast in your life can be difficult to shop for, but this infographic has you covered.Those closest to you deserve nothing but the best, which is why we recommend BucknBear knives, which are made of the finest quality steel. BucknBear’s commitment to quality ensures durability, strength, and longevity of each blade that is […]

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  • December 22, 2017
  • Gift
Startup Marketing Strategies

The Best Startup Marketing Plan & Strategy For You

Often times we are asked by startups – what’s the best startup marketing plan for me? Which strategy should my startup be looking at? This infographic will help startups find out the best marketing channel for them – depending on the amount raised.Created by RankyShare This Infographic On Your Site<a href= ><img src= alt=’Startup Marketing Strategies’ […]

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severe weather preparedness tips

Severe Weather Preparedness Tips for Your Apartment Community

Severe weather can be destructive. Whether your region is exposed to tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, blizzards or other severe weather events, it’s important for apartment managers to properly prepare. And very often, those preparations begin far before the storm hits. Want to protect your property and keep your residents safe? We’ll help you be ready for the […]

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