35 Facts About Hair Removal #facts #infographic

35 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Hair and Hair Removal

Every day you take care of your hair, don’t you? But I know, you had nod idea about these random 35 facts about your hair you love as well as hair removal. The infographic was created by Beautishe. Hope you like it. Enjoy!Created By BeautisheShare This Infographic On Your Site<a href=https://sumographic.com/35-facts-you-didnt-know-about-your-hair-and-hair-removal ><img src=https://sumographic.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/hair-removal-infographic.jpg alt=’35 Facts […]

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  • December 10, 2017
  • Beauty
How Clean is Your House

How Clean Do You Think is Your House?

This infographic is all about how clean your house really is! Do you know your carpet harbours dust, bugs and mites? and that the average mattress contains between 100,000 to 10 million mites? This infographic may shock you!Created By KleenallShare This Infographic On Your Site<a href=https://sumographic.com/how-clean-do-you-think-is-your-house ><img src=https://sumographic.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/how-clean.jpg alt=’How Clean is Your House’ width=’780px’ border=’0′ […]

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are remote workers happier than office employees

Are Remote Workers Happier Than Office Employees?

Thanks to technological advances, the workplace has moved from having to recruit workers from your local region to remote worker. Employers now have access to a global market of skilled workers online.  According to studies,  remote workers were happier because they could work whenever and wherever they wanted. And A happy worker can be 12% more […]

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home cleaning hacks

10 Home Cleaning Hacks To Help You Clean Faster

When it comes to clean your house, everyone hate it. but Master Cleaners have created this amazing infographic about ten excellent home cleaning hacks to help you clean your home faster. Learn about how to easily clean your chopping boards, how to dust easily and quickly,  how to clean your kitchen sponges, and more by […]

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Hiring A Wedding DJ Infographic

Infographic: Hiring A DJ For Your Wedding

Are you unsure of what kind of entertainment you want for your once in a lifetime celebration? There are so many different options to consider, hiring a DJ may be the perfect solution.UK Mobile Discos have created a useful infographic to assist couples on their options and help decide if hiring a DJ is the […]

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Joebama – White House Bromance

It’s no secret that Barack Obama and Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden have a bit of a romance going on. Throughout his presidency both Biden and Obama have been open about their mutual respect and close relationship with one another. And ever since Trump’s election, our news feeds have been flooded with […]

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free staff

WOW Free Stuff, Is it really free??!

There are so many scams on the web offering freebies, free samples and so on. So how do we know they are actually free? Well WOWFreeStuff have came up with an infograhpic explaining exactly how to find out if what you are getting is really a freebie or just a scam.Created by WOWFreeStuffShare This Infographic […]

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Trends of web design in 2017

The Trends Of Web Designs In 2017

Web Design has evolved through the years from simple HTML website with two or three colors to more complex with image, videos and more.  If you are creating new website or trying to redesign your website, Grafdom has created a complete guide to the trend of web design in 2017.Created by GRAFDOMShare This Infographic On Your […]

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closing the mobile conversion gap (2)

Mobile Commerce: Closing The Mobile Conversion Gap

Mobile is become a big part of our life, from calling a friend to buying staff. While 60% of online traffic comes from the small screen, mobile still accounts for only 16% of conversions. Average order value on desktop is 50% greater than mobile and nearly 80% of items in mobile carts are abandoned.  This infographic […]

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cost to run startup

What Does It Cost to Run a Startup?

Staff.com on building its employee monitoring software was based on the idea of having employees from all around the world.And we’re a startup. So we thought it would be interesting to compare the costs of a startup including a small office and hiring 2 developers and 1 designer from different cities and countries. Enjoy!Created by […]

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Content Marketing Tools to Improve Retention Infographic

8 Content Marketing Tools to Improve Retention

Cost-effectiveness of retained customers can boost the company’s profit by 25-95% according to the latest study whereas attracting new customers can cost 6-7 times more. An increase in profit from return customers is explained by a simple fact that over some time regular clients buy more from a trusted brand than from unfamiliar competitors.  StudentShare editorial […]

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Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: Crowds or Clicks?

From Black Friday, to Cyber Monday, the Thanksgiving weekend is one of the biggest shopping events of the year. Not only are there great deals to be found, but the weekend kicks off the holiday season.The question of which day you should shop is more complicated than it seems. There are a number of factors, […]

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The Remarketing Report Q3 2017

The Remarketing Report – Q3 2017

This infographic shows cart abandonment stats for Q3 2017, looking at data from five different sectors. This shows the percentage of customers who add an item to their shopping cart but leave without making a purchase. As you’ll see, abandonment rates vary between sectors, with fashion sites enjoying the lowest abandonment rates (around 68%) and finance […]

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podcast explosion

A Look Into The Podcast Explosion

This graphic by Concordia University Saint Paul looks at the boom of podcasting, and includes data that covers why people listen to podcasts, the genres they gravitate to, and where they’re listening and what they’re listening to. It also visualizes the growing ad revenue podcasts continues to bring in.Created By Concordia UniversityShare This Infographic On […]

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Content Marketing Spend

How to Set Your Content Marketing Budget

Will content marketing be a hot form of marketing, more so than ever this year? The answer, in short, is YES! According to BuzzSumo content piece, the future of content is more, not less. Platforms like The Wall street Journal publish thousands of posts each day, and Google increases its number of indexed pages by the millions […]

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Accidental Inventions That Changed The World feature

Incredible Inventions that Changed the World by Accident

Technology and innovation have changed the face of the world, but some of the most groundbreaking inventions were discovered purely by accident. Talk about a few, we take a look at the accidental invention of the pacemaker – caused by the inventor picking the wrong resistor, the mystery of the melting chocolate bar, and the unplanned […]

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treasureIsland twproject infographic

How Mobile Project Management Software Increase Productivity

Some interesting studies found that project management software with mobile devices can increase efficiency at work. We were so excited about these studies and so we created an infographic,to share it with your colleagues. These studies shows that most of the teams interviewed were really satisfied(68%) about using mobile devices for work, that it helps them […]

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