Cars In Dating Profile Pictures

Research into the growing trend for people to use cars in their dating profiles found that the BMW is one of the most popular cars used.

The survey created by reviewed thousands of online profiles from four different dating platforms – Tinder, Bumble, Plenty of Fish and Match to find out the types of drivers that are most likely to show off their car online and how other people react to it.

The data revealed that BMW and Audi drivers were high up the list at 20% and 15% respectively, however the car brand most commonly featured was Vauxhall with 21%.

It’s much more common on men’s dating profiles with 80% of men considering using a car in their profile picture compared to only 4% of women.

Despite this, only 1% of women said they are more likely to be attracted to people with cars.

Of the profiles examined, 16% had their car in the background and 12% were leaning on the vehicle. 8% even chose to post a photo of the car that didn’t feature them at all.

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Cars In Dating Profile Pictures

Created by Motorpoint Ltd

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