Which Cat Breed is Best for My Apartment?

Cats make great pets for apartment dwellers. When compared to dogs, they’re typically less maintenance, are more self-sufficient, and require less training.

However, all cat breeds are not created equal. There is of course a pet’s individual personality, but there are also overarching trends by the cat’s breed. The goal is to choose a cat breed that matches your lifestyle, personal preferences, and apartment.

Start by asking yourself these questions to help determine what characteristics you are looking for in a cat and how well they will acclimate to your pet-friendly apartment.

Shedding: How often are you willing to groom, and how much cat hair are you willing to vacuum?

Schedule: Are you away from home most of the day and need a cat that can be alone?

Neighbors: What’s your apartment setup? How soundproof are your walls?

Activity Level: Would you prefer a social feline or one that’s low energy?

Which Cat Breed is Best for My Apartment

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