Common Mistakes in Import and Export Business

Indeed, the import and export industry is one of the most lucrative businesses that offer the most opportunities for both budding and veteran investors and business owner. Apart from being the highest-earning industry today -with monthly profits ranging from thousands to millions of dollars -those who want to venture in an import and export business may also choose from several types of goods to import and export such as oil, agricultural products, electronics, gadget accessories, home accessories, beauty products and sports equipment.

The import and export have a large market and number of customers, however, the opportunities of earning a huge amount of money are as big as the risk of losses during instances of mistakes and inaccuracies. To avert the aforesaid, here are the common mistakes in import and export business, as presented in the infographic below from Excelsior Worldwide Freight Logistics.

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Common Mistakes in Import and Export Business

Created by EXCELSIOR

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