Five Tips to Secure Public Buildings

Facility Managers are responsible for the safety and the security of the public building. That’s why when a public building is endangered the risk is high and security is essential.

But what are the things to keep the building safe? Here, we provide you with the details below which based on the experiences of people who are in the security and in the building industries.

1. Use the round-the-clock surveillance cameras. Some people say the using of video surveillance is effective in preventing crime but is critical in every public building. The objective of installing cameras in public buildings is to keep the whole area safe and a reminder to criminals they are being watched.

Also, installing the device is not only to lessen the crime but also providing the law-abiding citizen the peace of mind while roving in the entire building. They have the CCTV to keeps an eye out for them.

2. Install a hi-tech device to protect the building itself. A building with a hi-tech protection device cannot be easily hijacked. Building managers should ensure the feature of the establishment such as the windows, roofs, walls, and doors that are made of quality materials.
Aside from that installing the system in the building may help the authorities alerted if bad guys break in.

3. Execute a Security Check System. By using the cutting edge visitor screening software allows the facility staffs to obtain records and information of vendors, contractors and even individuals that come and go inside the establishment. At the same time, the public entities relying on the background program can reduce the risk of being attacked.

4. Ensure FIRE SAFETY. Men are not only capable to compromise the building. The fire and carbon monoxide as well can threaten people, equipment and public records. Hence, building managers and staff of the building are equipped with photoelectric smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Moreover, duct smoke detectors and heat activated ceiling sprinklers are must be installed to alert emergency responders when problems arise.

5. Prepare for Emergency Evacuation. In some cases, some people are panicking and lose the presence of mind when exiting the building. That’s why emergency planning for evacuation is essential for the success of overall safety. They should also establish visual lighting and alarms helping them to navigate the building easily.

Take note, public buildings are worthy of quality protection and security. Negligence is no term in it because it may result to fall of the entire place.

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Five Tips to Secure Public Buildings

5 Tips to Secure Public Buildings

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