How Jazz Players Pick Jersey #’s

It’s really fascinating to note that the big bold number printed at the back of the jersey of every basketball player has an interesting story behind it. The numbers assigned to athletes playing for the Utah Jazz are no exception to this. 

1. Donovan Mitchell. He used to play for the Louisville Cardinals during college and picked No. 45 during this time. He stuck with it after he formed his career in the NBA as a nod to his on-court hero Michael Jordan.
2. Jae Crowder. Famous for being the only NBA player to use No. 99 in his jersey, this forward used this in honor of his best friend from Georgia who also used the same number. He also used two more during his basketball career, No. 9 and No. 32 because of the legendary Magic Johnson.
3. Rudy Gobert. He used No. 27 because he was selected 27th during his first NBA draft.
4. Royce O’Neale. Just like Mitchell, O’Neale also retained the No. 23 jersey number from his college basketball years.

However, a Utah Jazz player cannot just pick his number. Some are retired in honor of the greats and legends for the team. For example, No. 1 is for Frank Laden, General Manager and Head Coach, No. 9 is for Larry Miller, owner of the Jazz, and No. 1223 for legendary former head coach Jerry Sloan.

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How Jazz Players Pick Jersey #’s

How Jazz Players Pick Jersey #'s

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