How To Choose a Hat That Suits Your Face Type

Looking for a hat that suits your style and comfort and looks good on you may seem an easy task. However, admit it or not, you may have found yourself wasting a lot of time looking in different stores and trying on several hats before finding the perfect one for you. The key to finding the right hat for you is to assess your face shape and facial features.

Round-shaped face. Avoiding anything that makes your face even rounder is the key to pulling off any style of hat. Selecting angular and symmetrical hats with sharp lines will give your face some dimension.

Oblong-shaped face. Finding hats that sit low on the forehead or have wide brims will do the trick as they balance the dimensions of your face. The types of hats that are ideal for this face shape are wide-brimmed floppy hats, Western-style hats, outback hats, and gamble hats.

Diamond-shaped face. Choosing a style that helps soften this very angular face shape is of utmost importance. Choosing a hat with a moderate to the wide brim with a pinched crown is best for this type of face.

Square-shaped face. Add some curvature to your face by looking for a hat style that has a rounder crown. Examples of these styles include bowler hats, a flat cap, or a baseball cap.

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How To Choose a Hat That Suits Your Face Type

How To Choose a Hat That Suits Your Face Type


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