How to Clean Your Car Like a Pro

A dirty car tends to look old because the dust and grime build-up dull its finish, as well as its car window tint that’s why it’s important to maintain it regularly.

Aside from making your car look shiny and new (even if you bought it five years ago), a clean car will also help you leave a good impression. The person who will park next to you will think that the owner of the car next to theirs has good hygiene and is very responsible.

However, although you clean your car regularly, you might feel unsatisfied with the result when you do it all by yourself because it doesn’t look as good as it is when you pay for a car wash. 
Having that said, fret no more! Here are tips that you can use to clean your car like a pro the next time around:

First off, make sure that your car is under the shade before washing it and the materials needed are prepared. Cleaning the car’s body and exteriors includes rinsing, lathering, and pat drying the exterior of your car. Afterwards, you can proceed to cleaning the wheels through scrubbing and pat drying one wheel at a time. 

If you prefer to wax your car, you need to spray some lubricant on it first before applying clay bar and thin layers of wax to it. While in cleaning your car’s interior, you need to focus on manually cleaning its cup holders and hard-to-reach areas. Finally, you need to vacuum every area to make sure that there’s no trace of dirt left.

To learn more about this topic, Check out the Infographic Below from Tints2go.

How to Clean Your Car Like a Pro

Created by Tints2Go

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