Importance of FSSAI Online Registration

FSSAI is also known as the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It launched a new rule regarding FSSAI registration in September 2018. If you are running a hotel business or is into the food industry, it is mandatory to take FSSAI online registration and display the same in the restaurant. As several restaurants failed to follow this rule in the past and did not care about food license, FSSAI has decided to take the issue seriously. Now, customers visiting the hotel can easily find out whether FSSAI certifies the hotel or not.
Elements of FSSAI Food License Boards

FSSAI License or registration number: It is possible to verify the number by browsing the FSSAI website.
Color coding for different segments: The customers can easily recognize the kind of food business, be it a retail store, manufacturing unit, restaurant, etc. according to the designated colors.
Hygiene requirements: It helps the customers to know about various food safety standards and necessities and assists in enhancing the overall quality.

Feedback system: The customers can give their feedback through various modes like SMS, WhatsApp, or FSSAI App.

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