Must Have Packing Products

The packing material is just one aspect of the packaging and shipping process but it should be a top priority for companies that want to keep their customers happy and business profitable. Packaging plays a vital role in keeping the whole supply chain moving efficiently while reducing returns, reworks and exchanges. So, make sure that your product packaging is on point.

Take a look at these 5 essential packing materials and make sure that you have these supplies handy at all times:

1. Corrugated Boxes - Safe and sturdy, corrugated boxes come in all sizes to ensure that your package is delivered to the shopper’s doorstep safe and sound.
2. Bubble Wraps - Bubble wraps are an absolute necessity to keep fragile products safe during transit.
3. Packing Label - packing labels are available as both reclosable and single-use packing labels depending on your product and how you want to pack it.
4. Security Envelope - Certain goods need an extra layer of safety and security during transit like precious items, sensitive business data, examination papers or deeds and this is where tamper evident security envelopes become a must-have.
5. BOPP Tapes – Strong and reliable, BOPP tapes do a great job at keeping corrugated boxes sealed tight and its contents safe during transit.
To learn more about the best packing materials, surf through this infographic that sums up the types of packaging available for SMBs, retailers, Ecommerce businesses and other industries that pack and ship products.

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Must Have Packing Products

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