Natural Air Freshener Ingredients to Remove the Foul Odor in Homes

Eliminating the foul odor in one’s house won’t need state of the art technology, unless of course, it was caused by some flooding or fire accident. Such would require a restoration company to turn the house the way it was. This is because some ingredients that can be found in your house, specifically, in the kitchen can help out. See this infographic for reference.

1. The aroma of coffee wakes up your morning but more than that, it is also a known air freshener. Just find a place where you put it.

2. Do you have cats at home? You must be familiar with pet sand. You might have not known it yet but it is considered to be an effective odor absorber and pest killer, at the same time.

3. You can always see palm trees in resorts. But, it wasn’t for decorations because it is also a natural air freshener. It can absorb foul odor especially formaldehyde making it an effective air purifier.

4. Vinegar is not just for your favourite menu but also to kill bacteria that cause foul odor. It serves as an effective air purifier too.

5. And who doesn’t want to smell fruits and flowers inside the house? Get a few drops of lavender oil, orange oil and tea tree oil, mix it with a half cup of water and put it inside a spray bottle. That would be your do it your own air freshener.

Natural Air Freshener Ingredients to Remove the Foul Odor in Homes

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  • July 6, 2018
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