Snapchat Stats You Need To Know For Success in 2019 [Infographic]

It's not been the best of quarters for Snapchat, but it appears that the Wall Street brouhaha has nothing on the millions of happy teenagers that are active on the social messaging app. Couple that with its ability to compel the attention of users and you get the perfect recipe for marketers who want to make a killing at their job.

On average, more than 186 million users spend at least 30 minutes on Snapchat daily.
According to a 2018 survey by Taking Stock with Teens Survey, 45% of teens favor Snapchat over other social messaging platforms. Conversely, Instagram saw a 2% rise to around 26%. Although Facebook recorded an 8% decline while twitter rose by approximately 9%.

On average, over 10 billion videos are viewed on Snapchat daily (this is four times the number 2017). Also, more than half of those on the platform (60%) create new content every day.

According to Mediascience’s testing, Snapchat video ads were found to be as effective and compelling as TV ads. This is double the amount as Facebook, 1.3 times the amount of YouTube and 1.5 times as much as Instagram. In terms of emotional response, the platform leads again when compared with others: a 2.0 electrodermal response as opposed to TV’s in last place at 0.2.

Compared to YouTube and TV, Snapchat video ads were found to double viewers purchase intent. By the way, this is four times more than Facebook ads.
Snapchat has definitely come a great way from its simple beginnings. Deserted by the older generation and happily accepted by the younger generation, it has since become one of the most active and popular social media platforms. 

Still not sure if Snapchat is right for your business? Check out an Infographic put together by Make a Video Hub team to learn to latest stats and facts about Snapchat.

Snapchat Stats You Need To Know For Success in 2019 [Infographic]

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