Strategies to Prevent Medical Errors

One of the bases for making diagnosis is the information gathered by physician assistants. If they are inefficient and ineffective, miscommunication can happen. Such would be detrimental to the diagnosis that will be made by the physician. For those who continuing medical education, take note that medical errors must be at the minimum because a person’s life might be at stake. You can avoid such errors by remembering this infographic.

1. Enhance your communication strategy especially when there are changes in the shift of nurses. If it is not properly endorsed, the next nurse won’t have an idea about the patient which could lead to miscommunication. This could also happen to physicians who have the same patient.

2. Physicians provide the diagnosis and medical prescriptions but it is the pharmacists who know more about right dosages depending on the person’s information. Involve them in treating the patient so that drug-related errors can be prevented.

3. Clean and sanitize the facility through following federal guidelines for room disinfection. A lot of hospital-acquired infections happen because of the dirty facility.

4. Diagnostic errors can be delayed diagnosis, over-diagnosis or partial diagnosis. This can be possible if expertise is used effectively and consistencies are avoided by every person involved in treating a patient.

Strategies to Prevent Medical Errors

Strategies to Prevent Medical Errors

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