Student Housing Search Trends: Tips to Prepare Your Off-Campus Property

Some analysts have wondered if off-campus student housing is a recession-proof segment of the rental housing market. Because it’s tied to college enrollment, a downturn in the economy and the corresponding job losses often results in an uptick in college enrollment. So many housing investors are looking at off-campus student housing rentals as a way of diversifying their portfolio. 

Whether you already have properties that accommodate off-campus college students or you are looking to enter the market, the growing interest in this sector could mean steeper competition. So we started wondering what college students are looking for in their off-campus rentals and what their priorities are. 

In a survey completed by our off-campus rental housing site,, we discovered insights into what college students want in off-campus apartments. This valuable information can help you position your apartment community to better accommodate student needs and to be more competitive within your market.

Student Housing Search Trends

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