The Psychology of Web Design

Have you accessed a website that captured your interest; and you were motivated to go over the pages and read its contents? This could be a website that has matched your personality. A web design is very important in ensuring that you will have low bounce rates and high conversion and subscription rates. This infographic provides the basic of website designing.

1. What could be more effective for you: a website with too many contents or one with too many images? Both have advantages and disadvantages. Too many contents can be distressing to the eyes while too many images might cause buffering which could prompt the user to exit the page.

2. A strategic space can also be effective to increase browsing rate because the user has a part where they can rest for a while. Nobody wants to go over and read for a long period of time or else they will get their eyes strained.

3. What about the colors of the website? Can you use any color you want? More often than not, the dominant color found in a website resembles the company’s color hues or shades. Unless it is a personal website.

Do you notice that different font styles communicate a different feeling? For example, a Times New Roman indicates that the owner is formal and can be associated with professionalism but san-serifs fonts echo creativity from the website owner.

The Psychology of Web Design

The Psychology of Web Design

Created by Utah Sites

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