The Tops Security Breaches in History (Infographic)

One of the factors that affect the credibility of every company is with how integrated their security program is to block potential risks today. As technology grows bigger and bigger every single day, a data breach has become the prominent target for hackers and different threats that quickly adapt to technology.

Almost all businesses are very much aware of the existence of different threats that can breach their accounts, and the most alarming, the data of their consumers. As much as possible, all marketers that are exposed to these threats try to integrate and hire professional people to create a security system that hackers will not overstep to breach. But, not all companies are successful in integrating their security. 

The industries with the highest number of data breach incidents are in government (18%), financial services (9.1%), and technology (16%). Over the past few years, more and more companies are being breached and robbed because of the weak security program that is installed to lock all personal data of their consumers. To give you more information about this global phenomenon about the data breach, you may check the infographic below created by TeleMessage.

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The Tops Security Breaches in History (Infographic)

Created by TeleMessage

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