Tips to Clean a Stinky Hat

Do you love to use hats every day? Do you buy custom hats or wool hats? Hats can be used as a fashion statement especially if you are wandering in some tourist attractions. However, it could be stinky due to repeat usage. Clean your hat using the tips on this infographic.

1. First of all, do not throw stinky hats because it can be cleaned easily. For those having custom hats such as a baseball cap, you will have to exert more effort cleaning it by hands. Hand washing is necessary because customized hats can get easily deformed. With hand washing, you can control the movements of your hand allowing you to avoid squeezing it thoroughly.

2. Some hats can be washed using washing machines: easy and convenient. However, you need to pre-treat areas that have dirt. You may need a stain remover but do not pour it on the hat immediately. Find a hidden area of the hat, try the stain remover and check whether it causes discoloration.

3. Men are more fun of wool hat though a few women wear it as well. A wool hat is made of delicate materials that are using a washing machine should be avoided.

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Tips to Clean a Stinky Hat

Tips to Clean a Stinky Hat


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