To Re-plate Or Replace?

Got an old piece of hardware that is considered antique by the family? Does it have drawers or cabinets? Check also if it has some metal attachments that start to tarnish. Due to moisture exposure, dirt and even cobwebs, your antique future, in spite of its expensiveness, will experience tarnishing. Now, should you just throw it and find a more modern one? Make decisions after reading this infographic.

1. Re-plating is a better option than replacing an old item. If you want to keep the value of the furniture, you want to replace with exactly the same piece. Finding such a piece could be costly. Hence, re-plating it could be more affordable.

2. Specific features of this metal furnishing can be hard to find. Especially, if it was made decades ago, such designs can be very obsolete. Hence, re-plating it could save you time.

3. An old piece of furniture with different metals like that of cookware could mean already a different item. Hence, re-plating retains the uniqueness of your item.

4. Consider your metal or gold hardware as an heirloom of the family. Finding new pieces for it means that you are replacing the true meaning and value hold by that item, hence, re-plating maintains the history associated with your metal pieces.

See the Infographic Below

To Re-plate Or Replace?

To Re-plate Or Replace?

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