Who Are America’s Toilet Texters?

Smartphones have changed the way people do their toilet business, if the infographic provided by cell phone buy back site, BankMyCell is something to go by.

According to a survey carried out by BankMyCell across 2114 people, every three in four Americans can’t poop without a phone in their hands. This habit is more prevalent among Android users. The survey reveals that 88% of Android users bring their phone to the toilet, compared to 76% of iOS users.

What do these people do with their phones during the restroom time? According to the electronics resale site, BankMyCell, 54% of people use social media apps, 40.5% play music, 40.5 text, and roughly 38% watch videos on their phone while on the toilet.

That’s not all. Others love their work so much that they have to carry it with them to the toilet. Also, one in nine men confessed to talking to their boss on the phone while doing their toilet business, and about 37% of women admitted to having sent a picture from the restroom. For some men, that is the perfect time to admire the beauties on various dating apps.

According to the infographic provided by the cell phone buy back site, the youthful generation seems to the most addicted to using smartphones in the toilet. 96% and 90% of Gen Z and Gen Y users, respectively, use their phones during restroom time, compared to 82% of Gen X users and 57% of boomers. Silent Gen users are the least addicted, at only 11%.

However, when we use phones in the toilet, we’re putting out health at risk in many ways. According to Scientists at the University of Arizona, phones carry up to 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. You also risk damaging your phone while in the toilet.

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Who Are America’s Toilet Texters?

Created by Bank My Cell

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