Why Do House Cleaning With Engineered Water?

Alarming levels of undisclosed toxic and hazardous ingredients have been found in many so-called green cleaners, including third-party certified green cleaners.

Because the actual toxicity levels in many so-called green cleaning products is ultimately unknowable (as far as the general public is concerned), Feng Shui Maid Service has switched to being a house cleaning service using engineered water for the vast majority (about 99%) of house cleaning tasks.

Manufacturers can get away with not disclosing toxic and hazardous ingredients on their labels and MSDS sheets because “green” cleaning industry safety and sustainability claims are largely unregulated.

Some examples of substances found in third-party certified “green” cleaners:

• Phenols: Extremely dangerous; supected carcinogen
• Perchloroethylene: Damages liver, kidneys, nervous system
• Sodium lauryl sulfate: Skin & eye irritant, potential carcinigen
• Trichloroethane: Damages liver and kidneys

Engineered water:

• Doesn’t need any third-party certification because it is just modified water (either electrolyzed or ozonated)
• It’s only electrolyzed or ozonated water & doesn’t contain any additives
• Reverts back to regular tap water as it cleans, degreases, & disinfects
• Reverts back to regular tap water and, if ozonated, oxygen in its container
• No toxic residues left on surfaces
• No air pollutants
• No ingestible toxins
• No harmful chemical interactions
• No acute exposures
• No toxicities with potential long-term health effects

House Cleaning with Engineered Water

Created By FSmaids

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