Why, How, When to Drink Water for Best Results?

You can't ignore the water even you want to. We have written a few posts about water quality and benefits of drinking water for your health.

In this infographic, we have listed a few more facts about drinking water.

Here we go.

Top Benefits of Drinking water

Drinking water benefits are not limited to giving energy, prevent cancer but a lot more. Water is helpful for your body, skin, and hair to grow & become more healthy.

How Much Water To Drink in a Day

It's not easy to answer. Everybody has got a different body measurement. So, the demand for water is also different for everyone. The average amount of water which is good to drink and recommended by science is 3.7 liters of men and 2.7 liters for women. But it's different for women during pregnancy.

How to Drink Water Correctly

The best way for drinking water is while sitting. Don't drink water when you're standing.

Best Time to Drink Water in Busy Life

One must schedule their daily drinking water routine. We have already written a complete guide about when to drink water. But, here are 5 best times in a day to drink water for most benefits.

There are a lot more facts about drinking water you must know and follow.

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Why, How, When to Drink Water for Best Results?

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