Worksite Risk Assessment 6 Steps to Follow

It is not unusual for hazards to exist in every workplace. As workers often have to deal with dangerous conditions or unsafe activities during their work, employers must ensure the health and safety of workers in aspects related to their job. If left uncontrolled, these safety hazards can result in an injury or illness. 

It is why employers often have to worry about the safety of their workers as it’s usually the source of internal complaints. Being unaware of the risks in your company would put yourself, your employees, customers and the entire organization in danger.

When it comes to safety, half-measures aren’t enough. Companies should identify potential hazards in the workplace and control them before it causes harm through a risk assessment. The purpose of a risk assessment to help you identify, document, eliminate or reduce hazards that could result in an injury or illness.

As a business owner, you must assess any activities in your workplace that could potentially harm your employees and conduct a risk assessment to identify the hazards and control the risks.

In this infographic by Progressive Safety Equipment, you will learn some steps on how to carry out a risk assessment in the worksite as well as tips on prolonging safety measures inside the worksite.

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Worksite Risk Assessment 6 Steps to Follow

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